Jan 30, 2023

Why should I consider drone photography for my business?

Find out how you can give your business's media an entirely new dimension with aerial imagery.

Drone photography is capable of giving your business's media an entirely new dimension. It opens up the possibility to cover entirely new angles. And it’s versatile. Drone imagery can be used to craft compelling marketing material. Or it can be used to complete comprehensive building inspections. 

In this post, we’ll explain what drone photography is and its wide array of uses. As well as why it’s important to use a professional drone photographer for your business.  

What is drone photography?

In simple terms, drone photography is the art of capturing aerial imagery with a flying camera. It can also sometimes be referred to as aerial photography. 

Experienced and qualified drone photographers can operate the vehicle manually from ground-level. This allows them to capture angles that would otherwise be impossible to cover. Done well, this discipline adds a powerful new perspective to any media. 

Drone photography for marketing

If you’re looking to create compelling marketing content, drone photography can give your media a striking dynamic edge. 

For example, let’s say you own a group of self-catering cottages. Imagine being able to excite potential guests with an immersive tour, which features a stunning bird's eye view of the cottage's surroundings. Drone photography enables you to do just that by adding an entirely new dimension with aerial imagery. 

Drone footage can also be used to enhance video content on your website and social media. Video is already a popular and effective marketing tool. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 people want to see more videos from brands. And 82% of global internet traffic in 2022 came from video content. So by adding aerial imagery to your videos, you can produce standout content that captivates a large audience. 

Drone photography for building inspections

When carrying out building inspections, drone photography offers an efficient way to survey hard to reach areas. It’s also less expensive than other methods - like using steeplejacks or hiring a cherry picker. And because nobody is leaving the ground, Working at Height regulations are no longer a factor you need to worry about. 

Drone imaging opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to building inspections. Surveyors and project managers can now oversee entire aerial inspections from ground level. As a result, they can work closely with a drone photographer to get the exact imagery they need. 

It’s also hugely time efficient and solves a host of logistical headaches. For bigger structures, drones can cover larger distances in less time when compared to manual methods. Consequently, this saves surveyors huge amounts of time. Plus, drone photography can be used for buildings that are unsafe or hard to access. Ultimately, this also shaves time off the planning process. 

Not to mention the extra expenses that are sidestepped with drone imaging. In using drone photography to inspect a building, businesses avoid the cost of setting up scaffolding or access cradles. All-in-all, drones provide an all-round effective solution for building surveying. 

How much does drone photography cost?

Drone photography can often be relatively expensive. On average, experienced drone photographers’ rates range from £150-£190 per hour to £1300 per day. 

However, prices can also vary depending on the type and scale of the project. For example, a commercial drone roof inspection can cost anywhere between £500 - £1,500. Of course, this depends on the size of the building itself.

At Pixx Media, we strike a balance between affordable and high-quality drone photography. We offer all of our clients a comprehensive service that attempts to keep their media budget intact. 

Why should I hire a professional drone photographer?

Professional drone photographers are qualified experts in aerial photography. They possess the artistic skill set needed to produce high-quality aerial imagery. In addition to this, they have the necessary accreditation and insurance to fly a drone. As well as training in drone safety. 

By hiring our professional drone photographers at Pixx Media, you can ensure that you're in safe hands. Our CAA qualified pilots have the coverage they need to protect both themselves and your business. They’re also specialists who ensure their drones never come into contact with the public or property. Most importantly, they’re seasoned creatives who can provide you with a breath-taking end product. 

Paul Booth

Paul is the Founder and Director of Pixx Media. He has over 30+ years experience in the world of media production. Paul is also a CAA Qualified Drone Pilot.