Ride Electric

Capturing a well-known UFC personality riding the streets of Liverpool on an electric bike

The Client 

Ride Electric is a North Tyneside based business that sells and hires premium e-bikes. They also offer e-bike experiences to customers across their two UK locations.  

The Overview and Objectives

As part of a collaborative media project with leading bike manufacturer Riese & Müller, Ride Electric were providing an e-bike to world famous UFC fighter Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett. And they needed to capture high-quality footage of the bike handover, 

So Ride Electric approached Pixx Media. Of course, when we heard Paddy the Baddy was involved, we were on board. Our goal for this project was to produce diverse and dynamic imagery that could be used across Ride Electric and Riese and Müller's various media platforms. 

The Solution and The Outcomes

Our team went above and beyond to craft convincing and comprehensive promotional material for Ride Electric. First, we travelled across the UK to ‘Next Generation MMA’ Gym in Liverpool to capture stills of the bike handover. Then, we produced a compelling short video interview with Paddy. This detailed how he was going to use the e-bike to travel to training and included supplementary footage of him enjoying the product around the streets of Liverpool. 

The video footage and still images created during this project have since been featured in Ride Electric's social media campaigns and on their website.

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