Procter & Gamble

Showcasing the creativity and intricacy of an office refurbishment to the world

The Client 

Procter & Gamble is an American multinational consumer goods corporation that has offices and sites worldwide. 

The Overview and Objectives

Procter & Gamble had recently fully refurbished their North Tyneside office space. This saw the introduction of new work and leisure areas, updated office furnishings, and a colour scheme that matched their brand identity.

The Pixx Media team was commissioned by Procter & Gamble to capture the breadth and detail of the refurbishment. Over one week, our task was to produce comprehensive imagery for every aspect of the renewed office space. Including the new layout of each floor.

Our overall goal was to accurately portray the Procter & Gamble brand identity through consistent imagery. As well as reflecting the creativity and intricacy of the refurbishment itself.

The Solution and The Outcomes

To demonstrate the innovation and complexity of the office redesign, our team used a combination of still imagery and dynamic 360º video. With this multi-medium approach, we were able to successfully bring each facet of the incredible new office interior to life. Our cover-all approach also enabled us to powerfully convey the Procter and Gamble brand identity.

Since the completion of the project, our imagery has been sent to Procter & Gamble offices worldwide to show the high standard of the refurbishment.

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